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Event Topics 

  • Let's Talk AI

  • Songs of the Dark Universe

  • Mental Health, Social Media and Suicide Prevention

  • Observing Black Holes Across the Universe

  • California State Board Textbook Review

  • Changes in Your Child's School Textbooks - What Parents Must Know

  • School Safety

  • Common Core as it Relates to Your Child

  • Troy High School Parent's Advisory Meeting

  • Arts & Education

  • Math A+

  • A Day at the Griffith Observatory

  • Science A+

  • Preparation for High School Achievement

  • The Classroom is the Box

  • Helping Gifted Children Soar

  • Mathematical Circles

Artificial Intelligence
Event Sponsors

We'd like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors, whose generous contributions have made this event possible. 

Stay Informed
Previous Speakers
  • Julia Miller, CEO
    DigiPowers & Media One

  • Annette Craig, Founder & CEO
    Hope Foundation

  • Joshua Smith, Ph.D.; Geoffrey Lovelace, Ph.D.; Jocelyn Read, PhD.

  • Lt. Col. Roy White
    Air Force Retired, Truth In Textbooks

  • Hilda Sugarman
    VP Fullerton School District Board of Trustees

  • Dan Hughes
    Chief of Police, City of Fullerton

  • Janny Meyer
    FSD Board Trustee; Former GATE Educator, Author

  • Emy Flores Ph.D
    Asst. Superintendent of Educational Services

  • Fred Johnston Ph.D
    Emeritus, Department of Physics CFUF

  • Atty. Brad Dacus
    Founder & President, Pacific Justice Institute

  • Ionel Tifrea Ph.D
    Professor of Physics, CSUF

  • Steve Gower
    Chairman, Troy High School Science Department 

  • Richard Harrington
    International Academic Programs, CSUF

  • Maggie Buchan
    Principal, Troy High School

  • Scott Hedgecock
    Choral Director & Chair, Fullerton High School Performing Arts

  • Todd Helm
    Director, Bonita Choir Program

  • Charlotte Kirkpatrick
    IB Coordinator, Troy High School

  • Mark Henderson
    IB Coordinator, Fullerton High School

  • Captain Jeff Goeggel
    Civil Air Patrol, Emergency Services, Cadet Program, Aeorspace Education

  • Doug Elmore
    Science & Math Departments, Ladera Vista High School

  • Fullerton College, Engineering & Technology Dept.

  • NorKat Financial Inc.

  • Outback Steakhouse, Brea

  • Custom Comfort Mattress, Brea

  • Headshot Photography

  • Fullerton Golf Course

  • Ajliss Spa, Brea

  • Sports Clips, Fullerton

  • Mary Loyer, Brazilian Blowout, Brea

  • KC Nails, Brea

  • Sunny Hills Car Wash, Fullerton

  • Beckah Body Work, Brea

  • Nixon Library, Yorba Linda

  • Sam's Club, Fullerton

  • Starbucks, Bastanchury Rd., Fullerton

  • Michael Weintraub, After Retail

  • Susan Hirzel & Annette MacDonald Real Estate Group

  • Mulberry Street Restaurant, Fullerton

  • Bruno's Italian Kitchen, Brea

  • Marylin & Jeff Harris

  • Dr. Barbara Starr

  • Mina Nunez

  • Moe Khooban

  • Faye Haydari

  • Karen Anderson

  • Angela Escalle

  • Dr. Marc Poli

10 Steps Parents Should Take as Children Return to The Classroom 

September 3, 2021 - MJ Noor, Founder & CEO, Parents' Voice USA

Parents fears are not necessarily the same as their children's. 

  1. Listening to your child’s concerns. Ask them if or what they may be afraid of. Ask what excites them about going back to school.

  2. Ask if your child is worried about having missed too much schoolwork, or if they are concerned about being competitive with other classmates. 

  3. Parents must pay special attention to soothing the emotional anxiety that their child may be facing by addressing their specific concerns.

  4. If your child has suffered through trauma or loss during the pandemic, it’s wise to communicate this to their teacher. 

  5. Rebuild your personal relationships with the teachers and other parents. Your child needs to feel they are socially connected. This will help to strengthen their mental well-being and feeling of belonging. 

  6. Be sure to separate your personal anxieties to better help your child manage theirs. 

  7. If your child is feeling the pressure of being behind, don’t ignore it. Ask the teacher for some extra study guides. Maybe organize a study group or develop a tutorial. Let your child know it’s not a reflection on them, but rather a symptom of losing classroom time due to the pandemic.

  8. If you have teenage children, stay connected with them. Let them know you love them and have their back. Teens and young adults, although they may feel grown up, they still need and will welcome the warmth and security a parent can give. Encourage them to hold on to family values and strengthen their resolve to shun peer pressure. 

  9. Have your child set goals and focus on their strengths. Help them to succeed and find their passion whether it’s music, sports, science, or whatever inspires them.

  10. Most importantly, encourage your child to do their very best in school. Make studying, reading, and school a priority. Limit video games and social media time. Let them know doing well is a steppingstone to a successful and prosperous future. 

Best of luck to all as you look forward to a great school year! 

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